Allen, L. 2018. Refinements to animal husbandry for continuous infusion dosing in Beagle dogs. Animal Technology and Welfare 17(2), 126-127.

At Envigo we are contracted by our customers to conduct studies, usually to evaluate the safety of new drugs and chemicals. A rodent and non-rodent species are usually involved in this testing with the method of administration designed to replicate the intended clinical administration. A frequently used route of administration is 'continuous intravenous infusion'. In dogs, this method requires animals to wear a specially designed jacket to carry and protect the test material and infusion apparatus, combined with an anti-interference collar; unlike smaller species where theters may be used, this method allows our dogs to be infused continuously (or intermittently) via a previously implanted access port and catheter while still having full ambulatory movement. However, this route of administration in Beagles presents many challenges. At Envigo we are passionate about the 3Rs and this paper describes the refinements we have implemented to overcome some of these challenges in Beagle dogs.

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