International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats – August 7

Dogs stuffed tightly into a cage await transport to slaughter - by Didier Ruef


Washington, D.C.-- Every year in South Korea, over two million dogs and thousands of cats are killed for food. Many are sadistically tortured prior to slaughter to “improve” the taste of the meat—dogs are hung, beaten, torched, and killed in a variety of other horrific manners, while cats are boiled alive. Though dogs of all shapes and sizes fall victim to the dog meat trade, those who suffer most are the “yellow dogs” imprisoned in squalid, cramped cages within the numerous dog farms scattered around the country.

Consumption of dog meat increases during South Korea’s scorching hot summers because dog meat enthusiasts believe that eating the meat keeps one cool. This is particularly evident during Bok Days, the three hottest days of the summer according to the lunar calendar—July 18, 29 and August 7.

Please join us at Dupont Circle at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, August 7. From Dupont Circle we will march down Massachusetts Avenue to the South Korean embassy to rally for a prohibition against the production and sale of dog and cat meat in South Korea. If you have a yellow shirt, wear it in recognition of the yellow dogs. We hope to see you there—and dogs are welcome!


Media Contact:
Rosalyn Morrison, AWI, (202) 446-2126,

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