IL House Driver's Education and Safety Committee Sends Double Decker Ban to Floor for Vote

Springfield, IL -- Today, the Illinois House Driver's Education and Safety Committee unanimously approved (11-0) legislation that will outlaw the use of double deck trailers for the purpose of hauling horses in the State of Illinois. The bill, in response to several tragic and deadly accidents involving horses on double deck trailers, has been placed on the House calendar where it will await time for consideration.

A bill offered by the leading pro-horse slaughter advocate, Representative Jim Sacia, was also to be considered during today's hearing, but he did not call it up for consideration. His bill is being offered as a vehicle to language that would overturn a ban against horse slaughter overwhelmingly passed by the Illinois General Assembly last year.

"Representative Sacia continues to be out of step with residents of Illinois and the entire country on this widely supported issue," said Chris Heyde, deputy director of Government and Legal Affairs for the Animal Welfare Institute. "His persistent attacks have nothing to do with animal welfare or reason. He appears to simply have a grudge against horses and their humane treatment."

It is expected that Representative Sacia will offer his bill next week when the Committee reconvenes. In addition, pro-horse slaughter organizations such as the Farm Bureau are considering an amendment that would allow for the use of double deck trailers should one ever be designed to haul horses. No double deck trailers are currently designed to haul horses for numerous welfare and safety issues. To do so properly they would be too high for use on highways and extremely dangerous because of their height.

AWI encourages everyone to continue checking our website for updates on the Illinois legislation and our campaign to end horse slaughter, based out of Washington, DC. Be sure to bookmark this page.

HB 4162 Fact Sheet


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