Advocating End to Cetacean Captivity in Europe

Since 2014, AWI has supported the work of Dolphinaria-Free Europe (DFE), a coalition of European NGOs who work to help the approximately 300 whales, dolphins, and porpoises held for display and research in the European Union. In order to raise the profile of captive cetacean welfare in the European Union, the coalition—working with Francisco Guerreiro, a member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Portugal—gave presentations in Brussels to an in-person audience of MEPs and advocates and to members of the public who joined the live-stream of the event. AWI’s Dr. Naomi Rose was one of the presenters and helped prepare a DFE policy brief given to every MEP. DFE held a members meeting after the event, the first since well before the COVID-19 pandemic. A two-year plan was developed and tasks assigned; DFE intends to return to the European Parliament next year, after the 2024 elections in early summer, to push for legislative change that would phase out the display of these wide-ranging predators.

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