Slaughterhouse in Vermont Violates Humane Handling Laws

Since October 2016, Vermont Packinghouse—a small slaughter facility in Springfield, Vermont—has received four suspensions and over a dozen noncompliance records documenting humane slaughter violations. The plant was issued the suspensions after committing several egregious violations, such as ineffective stunning that resulted in animals regaining consciousness during slaughter. After the fourth suspension, AWI asked the USDA to take further measures against Vermont Packinghouse, including considering withdrawal of the slaughterhouse’s grant of inspection. Additionally, AWI communicated with the Vermont agriculture agency, which eventually took action against the plant by assessing penalties totaling $1,500. The state also placed a condition on Vermont Packinghouse’s license to operate. The slaughter plant must arrange to have a qualified, independent third party conduct an audit of the plant’s humane handling program and plan. The plant must prepare a response to the audit and update its written humane handling plan to include recommendations made in the audit. To date, this is the first instance of Vermont imposing penalties under its humane slaughter law.

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