Roots of Human Behavior

Viktor Reinhardt / Animal Welfare Institute / 141 pages

Roots of Human Behavior is a vibrant photo documentation of the parallels between animal and human expressions, emotions and psychology. It is another book in a series of AWI publications whose purpose is to improve the treatment of captive animals.

A prominent mind in the field of laboratory science, as well as a veterinarian and ethologist, Reinhardt has collected more than 280 candid photos of animals and humans engaging in everyday life and has artfully grouped them to show stunning resemblances between the species.

According to the author, the book’s primary purpose is to serve as a guide for professionals working with animals in research laboratories and zoos to help them better “read” subjects based on their expressions.

Reinhardt explains in the introduction how the book was inspired by a deep reverence for all living creatures, and expresses his wish to foster a similar sensation in the reader. The book is divided into two chapters: social and nonsocial expressions of emotion. Those chapters are then subdivided by various emotional states, such as contentment, fear, aggression, and friendly contact behavior, among others.

A fascinating and heartwarming work for both laboratory professionals and everyday folks, the lively photos and scientific references in this book will further an understanding in readers and provide enjoyment for all ages and walks of life. This book will be provided free of charge to personnel working with animals in laboratories or zoos.

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