AWI Statement: Iowa Gov. Reynolds Should Veto Legislation that Harms Business Owners, Egg-Laying Hens

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Washington, DC—The Iowa State Senate has now passed HF 2408, a bill that would force grocery stores to sell eggs from hens packed into cages so densely crowded they can barely move. Since the House already passed this piece of legislation, it is now up to Governor Kim Reynolds to either sign the bill into law, or to issue a veto and protect farm animals.

In reaction to this development, Alicia Prygoski, farm animal policy associate at the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), has issued the following statement:

AWI is alarmed to see that the Iowa Legislature has passed HF 2408, which would harm Iowa businesses, increase food safety risks, and leave egg-laying hens susceptible to further cruelty. This measure sets a dangerous precedent and could open the door to an array of government mandates, potentially forcing grocery stores to carry even more products that are inhumane, unsafe, and out of step with consumer demand.

While the government has a responsibility to protect consumers, under no circumstances should it force stores to sell certain products, especially products that are a risk to consumer food safety and obtained from inhumanely raised animals. AWI urges Gov. Reynolds to stand up for Iowa citizens, business owners, and animals by vetoing HF 2408.

Click here to join AWI in urging Gov. Reynolds to reject HF 2408.


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