AWI Fundraises for Animals Impacted by War in Ukraine

A woman feeds stray dogs while people queue in the background.
Photo from Casa lui Patrocle

Since the posting of this release, AWI has been able to fund five additional organizations, along with increasing our initial donation to Four Paws International. Click here to learn more.

Washington, DCAs people around the world watch in horror at the devastated communities and swelling numbers of refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is committed to supporting animal welfare groups that are working tirelessly to house, feed, and care for animals affected by the ongoing crisis.

AWI has initially distributed nearly $25,000 to multiple organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries that run or support private and public shelters, veterinary clinics, zoos, and rescue and rehabilitation centers providing desperately needed care. 

The organizations we have funded to date are:

  • Casa lui Patrocle Animal Rescue: This Romanian nonprofit organization is providing food, microchips, vaccines, and other medical services to animals crossing the border from Ukraine with their families. They are also helping to find temporary housing or permanent shelter for Ukrainian animals who have been separated from their families.
  • Four Paws International: This global animal welfare organization runs a stray animal care team and operates Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr, which houses 29 rescued bears in western Ukraine. The sanctuary is accepting new bears evacuated from zoos and rescues, and is providing Ukrainian shelters with supplies.
  • Gyvūnų Gerovės Iniciatyvos: This Lithuanian nonprofit animal welfare group is helping Ukrainian animal shelters obtain food and supplies, providing information about border entry requirements, preparing shelters in Lithuania to accept animals from Ukraine, and providing supplies to Ukrainian police dogs engaged in the war effort.
  • Happy Paw: This Ukrainian animal welfare organization works to protect homeless animals within the country. Happy Paw is coordinating supply deliveries to more than 60 animal shelters across Ukraine to help feed and shelter animals caught in the crossfire.
  • Sirius: This organization runs Ukraine’s largest animal shelter, housing over 3,000 companion animals in the Kyiv region. The area encompassing the shelter is surrounded by Russian troops, and the facility has been relying heavily on local citizens to purchase food and supplies until a humanitarian corridor can be established.  
  • UAnimals: This Ukrainian animal protection organization is purchasing and delivering food across Ukraine to help animal shelters, zoos, and wildlife rehabilitation centers restock their dwindling food supplies.
  • White Paw Organisation eV: This German nonprofit organization is coordinating sheltering and fostering services for Ukraine’s animals and supplying pallets of animal feed at the Polish border. 

At this critical time, we welcome additional donations to help support the important work of animal welfare organizations aiding animals impacted by the war in Ukraine. These funds will address critical short-term needs and assist longer-term efforts to rebuild. You can donate in two ways:

  • Through our website by designating your gift for “Ukraine.”
  • Mailing a check to AWI with “Ukraine” noted in the memo.

We will send 100% of these contributions to verified organizations. We thank you for your ongoing support, which helps make this effort possible.

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