Wood, L. 2022. Managing long-term wellness in captive sea turtles. Animal Welfare 31(4), 423–432.

Circumstances surrounding advances in stranding response and veterinary care have created a growing need for the long-term housing of captive sea turtles. However, the difficulty in recreating natural conditions in captive settings places a responsibility on caregivers to offset wild-type behavioural deficits with enrichment programming that is, preferably, commensurate with the limitations of each enclosure.Though standardised, multi-institutional behavioural monitoring programmes are currently lacking for marine turtles, facilities housing (or planning to house) sea turtles for the long-term are strongly advised to include ‘wellness’ as a fundamental part of their animal care protocol. Here, concepts of wellness and enrichment in sea turtles are reviewed, and a framework for developing longterm behavioural monitoring programming is provided.