Hill, R. L., Huskisson, S. M., Weigel, E. et al. 2019. Growth rates of juvenile Boa constrictor under two feeding regimes. Zoo Biology 38(2), 209-213.

Many husbandry routines in zoo herpetology are based on tradition, authoritarianism, anecdote, or speculation. However, relatively few empirical studies underlie many very common practices. We compared growth rates among littermates of Boa constrictor raised under two feeding regimes that were identical in terms of the mass of food ingested, but differed in weekly versus bi-weekly schedules. The growth rate of the group fed weekly was greater than the rate for the biweekly group. Snakes fed 10% of their body mass on a weekly regimen grew to a larger size, and at a faster rate, than did snakes fed 20% of their body mass on a biweekly regimen.

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