Report Lab Animal Issues

Tens of millions of animals are used annually for research, testing and education throughout the United States. While some facilities comply with the law and provide good care for their animals, this is not true of all. There are circumstances where animals in the laboratory are being denied the care and/or treatment they need to ensure their well-being, and animals may be suffering unnecessarily. Such situations may or may not involve a violation of laws or guidelines. We want to help you correct such situations for the benefit of the animals.

This page was created to serve as a secure and confidential source for the reporting of any specific concerns about the well-being of animals in research, testing and/or teaching. Our form is open to all persons wishing to notify us about any animal welfare problem in the laboratory:

  • whether it involves one animal or many animals;
  • whether the concern is for animals in one laboratory cage, animals used by one principal investigator or animals throughout an institution; and
  • whether or not there has been a violation of any law or guideline.

Our objective is to assist you in circumstances where animals in the laboratory are not receiving the care and/or treatment they need to ensure their well-being. Your report can be anonymous. We will follow-up on each report by taking whatever action we can to improve the situation for the animals involved. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • personally inspecting the animals;
  • filing complaints with the appropriate oversight agency; and
  • reporting to the media and/or Congress.

No personal information is required in order to report a concern, however, the more detail that is provided the better we will be able to address the situation. To maintain confidentiality and security please remember not to use work equipment, work network systems, or work email address when using this form. Use your personal computer and email address. If you prefer not to use this form, but would like to report a concern, please call Susan Millward, Executive Director, at 202-446-2123.

(Please describe your concern(s) in the box above and try to include as much detail as possible. Please put any of the information you wish to keep confidential in brackets.)
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