Illinois Bill to Restore Horse Slaughter Withdrawn for Lack of Support

Springfield, IL -- Yesterday State Representative Jim Sacia (R - Freeport) pulled his bill to legalize horse slaughter from the agenda for this legislative session. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) appreciates his recognition of horse slaughter as a controversial issue and his decision to withdraw it from consideration.

This was the third time in as many years that Representative Sacia had introduced legislation aimed at overturning the state’s widely supported ban on horse slaughter. In the two previous years, the House voted against his proposal. Support for maintaining the ban remains strong with the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor.


We are much relieved by Representative Sacia’s decision.  We look forward to working together with all the members of the Illinois General Assembly on ways to improve the welfare of horses in the state." said Chris Heyde, deputy director of Government and Legal Affairs for AWI. "We are looking at positive options and slaughter is certainly not the right step."


Media Contact:

Chris Heyde, (202) 337-2332

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