photo by Julissa Helmuth

Horses have served humans throughout history, carrying us on their backs, tilling our fields, drawing wagons and carriages, and enriching our lives as friends and companions. However, we often betray our equine ally. In this section, learn about how horses raised as companion animals are transported inhumanely and slaughtered for meat.

Every horse has intrinsic value and deserves humane treatment at all stages of his or her life. Caring for a horse or other equine is a significant, time consuming, and long-term commitment not to be entered into lightly. No organization or facility should house more equines than can be managed with available resources, particularly where the health and condition of the equines and sanitation of the facility are concerned. Taking in more animals than can reasonably be cared for endangers the welfare of the animals and their caretakers.

AWI also believes that:

  • The horse industry, including the equine veterinary medical profession, has an obligation to promote responsible horse breeding, ownership and care.
  • Horse owners have a responsibility to provide high-quality, long-term care for their horses.
  • All horses deserve a humane end to life, and horse slaughter is neither humane nor acceptable.