New Jersey Poised to Ban Wild Animal Circus Acts

The New Jersey legislature passed Nosey’s Law (S1093) to ban the use of wild and exotic animals for entertainment in traveling animal acts. If, as expected, the bill is signed by Gov. Phil Murphy, New Jersey will become the first state to enact a comprehensive ban on the use of exotic animals in performances. Named after an elephant kept captive and isolated in traveling shows for more than 30 years, Nosey’s Law would protect not only elephants, but also camels, big cats, primates, seals, and many other wild and exotic animals. Other states have passed less comprehensive measures to cut down on the cruel treatment of circus animals: New York and Illinois banned the use of elephants in traveling shows, while Rhode Island and California prohibited the use of bullhooks to control performing elephants. More than 135 municipalities have also passed legislation to ban animal acts or address abuse of animals in circuses, while others are considering similar measures.

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