Newly Revamped: AWI’s Refinement Database

AWI is pleased to announce the addition of new features to our online Refinement Database. These features make the database more searchable and improve its usability, making it easier to find current information on ways to improve conditions for specific animals and specific topics. 

The Refinement Database curates scientific articles, books, and other publications, and is intended to provide the most up-to-date information on appropriate housing, husbandry, and care of research animals to improve or safeguard their welfare. Created in 2000, the database now contains more than 7,000 citations (with abstracts) and is updated every three months. 

The new features allow users to filter their search by “animal type” and “topic,” in addition to using a keyword to search. The database covers a wide range of species—including common ones (e.g., macaques, mice, rats, zebrafish) and less common ones (e.g., cephalopod, salamander, trout, zebra finch)—that are housed in various contexts, such as laboratories, farms, and zoos. Topics covered include abnormal behaviors, analgesia, animal training, biological sampling, environmental enrichment, social housing, welfare assessment, and many more. The database also includes publications on the refinement of methods used in wildlife research.

The database is available at

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