AWI Aids Animals Impacted by War in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered a monumental humanitarian crisis. It has had devastating impacts on animals, as well, which is why AWI is committed to supporting animal welfare groups that are working tirelessly to house, feed, and care for animals affected by the ongoing crisis. AWI has distributed over $65,000 to 12 organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries that run or support shelters, veterinary clinics, zoos, and rescue and rehabilitation centers providing desperately needed care.  

The organizations we have funded are Animal Society, Asociatia Save Our Paws, Casa lui Patrocle Animal Rescue, Four Paws International, Gyvūnų Gerovės Iniciatyvos, Happy Paw, ROLDA, Sirius, Speranta Shelter, UAnimals, Viva! Poland, and White Paw Organisation. These organizations are meeting critical needs on the ground—purchasing and delivering food to restock shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers’ dwindling supplies, providing vaccines and other medical services to animals in Ukrainian shelters and to animals crossing with their families into neighboring countries, and coordinating sheltering and fostering services for animals remaining in Ukraine. 

Thank you to all who support this effort. Your gifts help ease the suffering of these animals and strengthen hope that they can experience a stable, peaceful future beyond the current crisis—a fervent hope we extend to all Ukrainians.

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