Two Funding Opportunities for Animals in Labs

Calling on those who work with animals in research laboratories in the United States or Canada and strive to improve their welfare: AWI now has two funding opportunities—one to enable implementation of existing animal care refinements and the other to develop and test innovative new methods to improve the welfare of animals in laboratories.

photo by Oleksandrum
photo by Oleksandrum

AWI’s new Implementing Refinement Grant program provides grants of up to US$8,000 to purchase equipment or train staff in care, husbandry, and handling techniques that will improve the welfare of animals in laboratories. Grant money can be used to purchase enrichment or other items (e.g., handling tunnels for mice, perches for monkeys, or tank substrate for zebrafish) or register for training workshops or courses (e.g., to learn how to tunnel-handle mice or safely pair-house monkeys).

AWI is also continuing its long-standing Refinement Research Award program—which funds innovative research projects designed to test and/or develop new refinement methods that have the potential to improve the welfare of animals in laboratories. This year, the maximum amount per grant has been increased to US$15,000.

The deadline to submit proposals for both funding opportunities is November 10, 2023. 

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