AWI Aids Ape Sanctuaries

This summer, AWI funded sanctuaries in three countries that provide care to great apes rescued from a variety of cruel circumstances and give them a second chance at a life worth living.

We helped Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga, a primate rehabilitation center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, construct a new nursery building to house young chimpanzees rescued from the bushmeat trade, the pet trade, and for use at amusement parks and in circuses. We provided funding for food and medical supplies to the Fauna Foundation, Canada’s only chimpanzee sanctuary, which houses chimpanzees who were used in biomedical and behavioral research studies. And we supported the construction of new chimpanzee habitat and the expansion of existing orangutan space at the Center for Great Apes, a rescue center in Florida that takes in animals from the entertainment industry, research facilities, and the pet trade. 

AWI is dedicated to ensuring that the suffering these animals endured is a distant memory, replaced by health and happiness for the remainder of their lives.