AWI Engages Embassies on Ending Dog and Cat Meat Trade

AWI’s Rosalyn Morrison and Chris Heyde met in December with Dave Kush from the office of Rep. Chris Smith (D-NJ) and Ariel Penaranda, Minister for Legislative Affairs and Consul at the Embassy of the Philippines, concerning the illegal dog meat industry in that country. AWI is advocating for stronger enforcement of the Philippines’ 1998 Animal Welfare Act and 2007 Anti-Rabies Act in order to crack down on the illicit trade. Last August, AWI cosponsored an International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats and a rally in Washington, DC, to call attention to the notoriously cruel and borderline-legal dog meat industry in that country, as well. Afterwards, Rosalyn and Cathy Liss met with the veterinary attaché at the South Korean Embassy in Washington for a discussion on potential actions by the national and provincial governments to curtail the industry.

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