A Lost Angel

When a pit bull, a mother and a young child are featured in the same news story, the ending is often predictable, but in November, the NBC headline was quite different. 
A Floridian woman was leaving a playground with her toddler, when a mugger held them up at knifepoint in the parking lot. As if right on cue, a pit bull appeared out of nowhere, baring his teeth and causing the mugger to flee. When the mother got in the car with her son to drive off, the dog jumped in the backseat like he was part of their family. The trio then waited for police and animal control officers to show up. 

Wanting to return the favor to the dog who rescued her and her son, the mother offered to adopt their “guardian angel” if no one came forward to claim him. Unfortunately, while no one claimed the animal, further behavior analysis by local animal shelter personnel revealed that the dog was spontaneously aggressive and therefore temporarily unadoptable. 

The shelter then sent him to the Michigan branch of Midwest Rescue for behavior training. The rescue is a multimillion dollar operation responsible for rehabilitating the Vick dogs, so there is a very good chance the lost “Angel,” as the woman dubbed him, will one day be placed in a good home. 

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