AWI Establishes Abandoned Horse Reward Fund

Just as some people fail to recognize their responsibility to their dogs and cats, so too is the case with horses, many of whom are abandoned by their owners each year. Though tough economic times can increase the financial burden on animal owners, it is important for them to realize that abandoning animals is illegal, and that there are humane options available, such as relinquishing horses to reputable sanctuaries.

In addition to working with sanctuaries, the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has established the Abandoned Horse Reward Fund, which offers rewards of up to $1,000 to individuals who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who violates state law and abandons a horse.

Individuals with evidence of a horse abandonment situation should first contact their local police department, provide as many details as possible, and let the department know about the Abandoned Horse Reward Fund. In such cases, eligibility for rewards and specific reward amounts will be determined by AWI.

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