Free Publications for Animal Shelters

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is pleased to offer copies of each of these books to your facility at the below-cost price of $2 each for you to share with your colleagues and members of the public. Please fill out the form below to request additional publications.

If you are interested in other publications from AWI, please visit our online store to order one free copy of each for your shelter.

Receipt of discounted copies of the resources listed below and from our online store is subject to verification of eligibility. If you have any questions or problems checking out, please contact us.

  • Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person is one of three colorful children’s books resulting from a collaboration between AWI and award winning author and illustrator, Sheila Hamanaka. Pablo Puppy is the heartwarming story of a lost little puppy who is taken to a shelter. There, he befriends an older dog named Natasha who enlightens Pablo about how to find “the perfect person” to take him home, and in the process teaches children how to be a good pet owner. Also available in Spanish.
  • Kamie Cat’s Terrible Night chronicles the misadventures of a cat named Kamie, who gets lost after wandering out of an open window of the cozy home she shares with kind Mr. Wong. Following Kamie through back alleys, city streets, a shelter, and finally back home, young readers can learn about kindness to animals and proper pet care. Also available in Spanish.
  • The Boy Who Loved All Living Things, a children’s book written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka, weaves actual events from the childhood of Dr. Albert Schweitzer into an imaginary journal as it might have been penned by the boy. The book aims to introduce Dr. Schweitzer to young readers and inspire them to follow the celebrated humanitarian’s example of treating animals with compassion and respect.
  • AWI Quarterly (magazine subscription), our full-color magazine that explores current animal welfare issues, including protection of endangered species, prevention of animal abuse, and more humane treatment of animals in research and agriculture. We would be happy to add your shelter to the subscription list.