Free Publications for Libraries

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is pleased to offer the following complimentary resources for you to share with your library patrons. Please fill out the form below to request your publications. If you are interested in other publications from AWI, please visit our online store to order one free copy of each for your library.

To order your free copy of each of the below publications, please add the items to your cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button next to each publication. Once you have added all desired publications to your cart, continue to checkout. While at the checkout screen, scroll to the "Free Publications" window that is beneath the "Cart Contents" window and enter the name of your affiliated institution in the box provided, then select "Click to calculate discounts." The cost of all eligible products will then be reduced to zero. The availability of a complimentary copy or bulk pricing is subject to verification of eligibility. If you have any questions or problems checking out, please contact us.

Roots of Human Behavior Cover Roots of Human Behavior

Vibrant photo documentation of the parallels between animal and human expressions, emotions, and psychology; by Viktor Reinhardt, 2009, 141 pages.

One copy free to individuals at research facilities.

The Boy Who Loved All Living Things

A tale inspired by real events from Dr. Albert Schweitzer's youth, which teaches young children that animals are friends who should be treated with utmost compassion, written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka, 2006, 24 pages.

AWI Quarterly AWI Quarterly

Full-color magazine that explores current animal welfare issues, including treatment of animals in research, agriculture, commercial trade, at home, and in the wild; summarizes international meetings, laws and treaties affecting animals; alerts people to actions they can take to make a difference; and contains timely book reviews. One year subscription.