AWI Quarterly » 2017 Summer

Dr. Carole Carlson, a valiant advocate for the conservation of whales and their marine environment, died on March 24 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, of pancreatic cancer.
In Dead Zone, Philip Lymbery takes readers along as he explores the lives of elephants in Sumatra, jaguars in Brazil, and barn owls in the United Kingdom, and examines the driving forces behind their dwindling numbers.
A beached Bryde’s whale writhes in distress, then slowly grows still. It is death by plastic: The whale’s stomach is tightly packed with bags and other plastic debris that must have looked like prey.
In this compelling work, distinguished philosopher of science and scuba diver Peter Godfrey-Smith writes of his experiences studying the minds of cephalopods, particularly octopuses and cuttlefish, and the minds of highly intelligent animals of other classes, honing in on the evolutionary paths forged by mammals and birds on the one hand, and cephalopods on the other.