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Winter 2010 Quarterly Cover, Photo by Rinie Van Meurs/Foto Natura/Minden Picture

Alone on a disappearing ice floe, an Arctic polar bear stands at the precipice of global warming. With life as he knows it threatened by greenhouse gasses, and resulting rising temperatures and declining sea ice, in addition to international trade in the species and its parts, the earth’s largest terrestrial carnivore (called Isbjorn, or ice bear, in Norwegian) faces extinction from a world that has sustained him for 100,000 years. See page 10 for information on climate change and page 13 for more on endangered species listings.

Photo by Rinie Van Meurs/ Foto Natura/ Minden Pictures


24 Stunning and Slaughter of Poultry: Evolving Consensus

26 Farm Animal: Friend or Foe

26 Retail Milestone for Animal Welfare Approved

26 Cruelty to Calves


28 Effects of Increased Interaction Between Research Rodents and Their Handlers

32 Twentieth Anniversary of "The Bangkok Six" Smuggling Case


12 Status is Not Enough

12 Solomon Islands Trades Dolphins to Malaysia


4 Sometimes Money Can't Buy Everything

4 Rampant Poaching May Lead to Expulsion

5 Bushmeat Across Borders

5 The Vanishing Saola

6 Bird Strikes on Aircraft - What's the Risk?

10 Climate Talks Run Cold

11 Informed Advocacy: Food for Thought and Sustainability

13 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora


21 Court Ruling Offers No Relief for Circus Elephants

21 Battle to Protect Canada Lynx Continues

22 Appropriations Process

22 Shark Bill Moves Forward

23 Poison-Free Poultry

23 Steps Taken to End Snake Trade


30 The Magic of Touch: Healing Effects of Animal Touch and Animal Presence

30 AWI's Educational Brochures

31 The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society

31 Why Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics


27 Position Announcement: Laboratory Animal Advisor

27 A Voice for Animals High School Essay Contest

Correction: In the AWI Quarterly Volume 58, Number 4, the article entitled, "Down on the Goose and Duck Farm" states that Cuddledown.com sells down products manufactured from the live-plucking of birds. AWI does not have any evidence to substantiate this claim. Cuddledown does purchase processed down that comes from countries such as Poland and Hungary where live-plucking of birds is done, however we have been informed by the company that it requires its processors to pledge not to buy any down from live-pluck sources.