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The summer issue of the AWI Quarterly is in the mail! Much of this issue is devoted to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on animal welfare. We discuss the challenges faced by animal shelters during this difficult time and how people can help by fostering or adopting shelter animals. We examine how global society’s handling of wildlife and farm animals has greatly increased the risk of pandemics, and what we can do to lessen this risk while also treating animals better.

A number of you normally receive the magazine at a place of business that, due to the pandemic, you may not be visiting for work at this time. Others get the magazine at home but may wish to limit physical mail for now. If so, AWI offers two easy options to ensure that you continue to receive the Quarterly on a timely basis:

  1. Want to temporarily change the mailing address where you receive the AWI Quarterly? No problem. Simply complete the short online change of address form telling us where you would like to receive the magazine and we’ll make sure it gets to you at the new address. If, at any time, you wish to switch back, just email or call to let us know.
  2. Want to become a digital subscriber? Join our growing ranks of digital subscribers, and every three months, you’ll receive an email containing links to the latest issue, downloadable as a PDF document or available to read online in an interactive electronic format (click on the links to see the spring issue in each format). To become a digital subscriber, just click on this link, provide us with an email address, and choose whether you would like to receive the ONLY the digital edition or BOTH the print and digital editions—there is no additional cost.

Thank you for supporting AWI and recognizing—even in the midst of tremendous disruption and upheaval—the continued importance of our efforts to prevent animal suffering.

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