AWI Statement: Iowa Gov. Reynolds Makes Animal Cruelty State Law

Photo from Flickr by FarmWatch

Washington, DC—Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed HF 2408 into law, requiring Iowa grocery stores to supply eggs from hens densely confined into inhumane cages.  

In reaction to the law’s passage, Alicia Prygoski, farm animal policy associate at the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), has issued the following statement:

AWI is dismayed to learn that Governor Reynolds has made animal cruelty the law of the land in Iowa. HF 2408 violates the freedom businesses traditionally have to determine which products they choose to sell.

This ill-conceived law actually requires Iowa grocery stores to carry products derived from animal cruelty, despite multiple food safety concerns and an increasing consumer demand for higher welfare products, such as cage-free eggs. Just as troubling, the law creates a dangerous precedent, which could open the door to even more government mandates forcing business to sell certain products across a multitude of sectors.

AWI is troubled that Gov. Reynolds ignored the countless Iowa citizens and businesses who expressed strong opposition to HF 2408, but we will continue to fight for the welfare of farm animals in Iowa and across the country. 


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