Save the Wild Horses Coloring Page


This is no cool magic trick: All those beautiful wild horses you see racing across the western plains are rapidly disappearing! Bad decisions by people, not magic wands, are the problem. The horses need your help to survive!

You can send a message to Washington, DC that the horses should be respected and protected.  Print out 2 copies of the drawing above (click on the image for full size drawing), color them in however you want, sign your name, and mail one to each of your US senators in Washington, DC They need to hear from you right away! You can even write your own message about the need to protect these national treasures on the back if you wish.

Once you have mailed the drawings to your US senators, print out some more or share this page with your friends, classmates, and family so they can help as well.


  1. Print out and color in 2 copies of the picture above (click on the image for full size drawing).
  2. Visit to find the names and addresses of your US senators (each state has 2).
  3. Sign your drawings, put them in stamped, addressed envelopes and drop them in the mail.
  4. Print out some more copies of this drawing and share it with friends, classmates and family and ask them to send their own drawing in support of America’s wild horses.

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