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Pair-housing rather than single-housing for laboratory rhesus macaques (1994)

Safe pair formation technique for previously single-caged rhesus macaques (1994)

Traditional handling procedures of laboratory nonhuman primates are an intrinsic source of distress: What can be done? (1994)

Arguments for single-caging of rhesus macaques: Are they justified? (1995)

Comparing cage space requirements for nonhuman primates in the United States and in Europe (1995)

Restraint methods of  laboratory nonhuman primates: A critical review (1995)

Social-housing of previously single-caged macaques: What are the options and the risks? (1995)

Looking Into a Cage or Mirror? The Human Relationship with Chimpanzees (1996)

Frequently asked questions about safe pair-housing of macaques (1996)

Space requirement stipulations for caged nonhuman primates in the United States: A critical review (1996)

Effective feeding enrichment for nonhuman primates: A brief review (1997)

Lighting conditions for laboratory monkeys: Are they adequate? (1997)

Species-adequate housing and handling conditions for Old World nonhuman primates kept in research institutions (1997)

The Wisconsin gnawing stick (1997)

Training nonhuman primates to cooperate during blood collection: A review (1997)

Refining the traditional housing and handling of laboratory rhesus macaques improves scientific methodology (1997)

A plea for pair-housing of adult macaques (1998)

Refining the blood collection procedure for macaques (1998)

Pair-housing overcomes self-biting behavior in macaques (1999)

Are legal cage space requirements sound? (1999)

The monkey cave: The dark lower-row cage (1999)

Collecting blood from macaques: An often overlooked variable in biomedical research (1999)

Meeting the "social space" requirements of pair-housed primates (2000)

Social enhancement for adult nonhuman primates in research laboratories: A review (2000)

Daily feeding enrichment for laboratory macaques: Inexpensive options (2000)

The lower row monkey cage: An overlooked variable in biomedical research (2000)

Changing the housing standard for monkeys in laboratories (2000)

The impossible housing and handling conditions of monkeys in research laboratories (2001)

Looking After Animals Kept in Research Laboratories (2004)

Emotionality in the animal research laboratory (2004)

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