IONC Partner Organizations



IONC Partner Organizations

North America and the Caribbean

Acoustic Ecology Institute

Advocates for Animal Rights

Americans for a Safe Future

America's Whale Alliance

American Cetacean Society

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Animal Welfare Institute

Blue Waters Kayaking

California Coastkeeper Alliance

Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

Center for Biological Diversity

Cetacean Community

Cetacean Society International

Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST)

Defenders of Wildlife

Dolphin Connection

Dolphin Project

Earth Island Institute International Marine Mammal Project

Earth Neighborhood Wellness Center

Earthcare Grandbahama, The Bahamas



Faces in Nature

Georgia Strait Alliance

Greenpeace International

Humane Society of the US

Humane Society of Canada

In Defense of Animals

International Fund for Animal Welfare

International Wildlife Coalition

Jasper (County) Animal Rescue Shelter

Lifeforce Foundation

Living Oceans Society

Natural Resources Defense Council

North Carolinians for Responsible Use of Sonar

Ocean Conservation Research

Ocean Defense International

Ocean Mammal Institute


San Diego Environmental Health Coalition

Santa Monica Baykeeper

Save Our Seas


Sierra Club US and Canada

Stop LFAS Worldwide Network


Urban Wildlands Group

Western Alliance for Nature

Whaleman Foundation

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South America

Asociación Ñande Ybý, Argentina

Centro Ballena Azul, Chile

Centro de Conservación Cetacea, Chile

Centro Ecoceanos, Chile

Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo Sustentable, Uruguay

Consultoria Alamos Ltda, Chile

Ecoportal, Argentina

Escuela de Buceo H2O, Argentina

Fundación Cethus, Argentina

Fundación Ecuatoriana para el estudio de Mamiferos Marinos, Ecuador

Fundación Mican, Chile

Fundación Natura, Colombia

Grupo Ambiental Colegio Gea, Chile

Grupo de Acción Ecológica Chinchimen, Chile

Instituto Conservación de Ballenas, Argentina

Instituto Sea Shepherd, Brasil

Oceana, Chile

Organizacion Conservación de Cetáceos, Uruguay

Organización para la Conservación de Cetáceos, Uruguay

Pacific Whale Foundation, Ecuador

Projeto Baleia Franca, Brasil

Projecto Delfim, Brasil

Projecto Delfim - Centro Português de Estudo dos Mamíferos Marinhos

Sociedad Conservacionista AQUA, Venezuela

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Mexico and Central America

Asociación Autonoma de Ayuda a los Animales, A.C., Mexico

Asociación por los Derechos de los Animales en Yucatán A.C.

Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, Mexico

Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos de Mexico COMARINO

Grupo de los Cien, Mexico

Grupo Ecologista del Mayab, Mexico

IFAW Latinoamérica, México

Movimientos Sociales de Yucatán

Organizacion de Sociedad Civil Comosoy, Mexico

Pili Mar, Mexico

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Europe and the Middle East

Aargauer Tierschutz, Switzerland

Animalisti Italiani, Italy

Atlantic Blue, Germany

Born Free Foundation, UK

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU), Scotland

Dauphin Libres et Captifs, Belgium

Delphin Institut Freiburg, Germany

DELPHIS Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation, Italy

Die Welt der Wale und Delfine, Germany

ECCEA, France and Martinique

Ecologistas en acción, Spain

Environmental Investigation Agency, UK

Eurogroup for Animal Welfare

European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign

Fair-Fish, Switzerland

Finns for the Whales Society, Finland

FIRMM, Switzerland and Spain

Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine, Germany

Gesellschaft zum Schutz der Meeressäugetiere, Germany

Green's Union of Armenia

Hai Stiftung, Switzerland

IMMRAC (Israeli Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center), Israel

Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit, Switzerland

Korte PHI, Germany

La Baleine Libre, Belgium

Liquid Sound, Germany

Marine Connection, UK

M.E.E.R, Germany and Spain

MORIGENOS - Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Society, Slovenia

Natur im Bild, Germany

Nomades des Océans, France

OceanCare, Switzerland

One Voice, France


Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute, Greece


Réseau-Cétacés, France

Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V., Deutschland

Robin des Bois, France

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

Schweizer Tierschutz, Switzerland

Schweizer Wal-Gesellschaft, Switzerland

Shark Info, Switzerland


Society for the Protection of Sea Mammals, GSM Denmark

Swiss Cetacean Society, Switzerland

Swiss Coalition for the Protection of Whales (SCPW), Switzerland

SOS Grand Bleu, France

Stiftung Caretakers, Switzerland

Tethys Research Institute, Italy

Tierschutz Bund, Switzerland

Tortugas, Switzerland

VETO (Verband Tierschutzorganisationen Schweiz), Switzerland

Vier Pfoten, Austria

Vier Pfoten, Switzerland

Vier Pfoten, Germany

Vier Pfoten, Rumania

Vier Pfoten, Bulgaria

WDCS, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, International

WWF Schweiz, Switzerland

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Asia and Oceania

Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong SAR, China

Humane Society International, Australia

Linking Individuals for Nature Conservation "PROTECT THE PLANET" Taiwan

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Africa and Indian Ocean

Marine Conservation Management Consortium (Reef Mauritius)

Young Volunteers for Environment: Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo

Youth Associations Network for Sustainable Development: Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo

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Last Updated: January 2012

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