An Inconvenient Truth

Paramount Films // Participant Productions // 100 minutes

A documentary film focusing on Al Gore's global warming lectures may be the most unlikely-and most important-hit of the year. In his role as a politician, he has been criticized for his inability to relate to the masses, but anyone who sees this film will surely listen up. Global warming is perhaps the biggest threat to the health of our planet, and Gore explains the issue in a way that is both engrossing and easy to understand. The documentary focuses on findings confirmed by leading scientists around the world, presenting charts and projections that make the problem clear: we have perhaps a decade to change our habits, and we need to start now. Intertwined with facts and figures are the history of Gore's personal struggle to protect the environment and gripping images of the effects of climate change thus far. From receding glaciers to fleeing inhabitants of islands ravaged by floods, An Inconvenient Truth presents a reality that is difficult to watch and hard to ignore. The good news is there is hope. The United States is the largest contributor to global warming, but we also have the biggest potential to turn things around. By taking simple steps to become "carbon neutral," we can protect generations of humans and animals to come. For more information about the film and global warming, visit

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