Fly Like the Wind

Bridgette Z. Savage // Buckbeech Studios, 2006 // ISBN: 0-9771494-0-4 // 111 pages; $16.98

In Fly Like the Wind, Bridgette Z. Savage tells a story that has survived for well over a century through oral history. George M. Barrett, a young man growing up in rural Indiana, had a horse named Fly on his father's farm. When Barrett signed up to serve in the local Cavalry during the Civil War, his bond with Fly deepened. The duo had many adventures together, such as escaping capture by Confederate troops by jumping off a cliff and swimming to safety. Fly was so impressive that the army asked to buy her from Barrett at the end of their service, but the young man's ties to his horse could not be broken. Together they returned to the family farm, and Fly lived for many years. Her story spread all over southwestern Indiana, and today her heroism is a local legend. Savage brings light to the horse's point of view in the story, and illustrations are featured alongside their journey. Both children and adults will enjoy this tale of the historic friendship between man and horse.

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