Christine Stevens Wildlife Awards

Apply now for research grants to support humane wildlife management

As human settlements grow and wildlife habitat shrinks, conflicts between humans and wildlife become more widespread. Government officials and property managers employ various wildlife management strategies to alleviate such conflicts. Too often, however, “wildlife management” means wild animals are simply erased from the picture—often via unduly draconian methods.

To address this issue, AWI created the Christine Stevens Wildlife Awards. Through this grant program, AWI offers $10,000 toward research studies that help spur innovative strategies for humane, nonlethal wildlife management that works for both humans and animals. The grant program, which began in 2006, is named in honor of the organization’s late founder and president for more than 50 years.

Wildlife researchers across North America are encouraged to apply. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2016, and grant recipients will be announced in June. Details on how to apply are at