New AWI Brochure Takes Aim at Pet Primate Trade

Nonhuman primates of all sizes and species are kept as companion animals in the United States—tens of thousands of them according to most estimates.

But these wild animals have no business in human homes. Unlike in the wild, where they live in large social groups, almost all pet monkeys and apes are kept in isolation, devoid of social contact with other primates, and in conditions completely inadequate for their health and well-being.

AWI favors laws to ban ownership of primates as companion animals. Our new brochure, Primates Are Not Pets, details the reasons these animals are ill-suited for cohabitation with humans, provides a poignant glimpse of one pet monkey’s sad story before she was rescued to a sanctuary, and summarizes federal and state laws concerning the keeping of primates as companion animals in the United States. To download the free brochure, visit

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