AWI Publications

AWI has updated three of its most popular brochures. All three are free and can be ordered in print form or downloaded as PDFs from our website at

About the Animal Welfare Institute

An overview of AWI’s goals and programs to alleviate the suffering inflicted upon animals by humans. Learn what we are doing on behalf of farm animals, terrestrial wildlife, marine life, companion animals, and animals in laboratories.

Whales and Dolphins in Captivity

Imagine being kidnapped and living the rest of your life in a small windowless room devoid of anything or anyone familiar to you. That’s the life of a captive, wild-caught dolphin or whale. This brochure looks at the unsafe and inhumane aspects of the captive cetacean industry, and tells what you can do to make a difference. Also available in French and Spanish.

Sharks At Risk

Sharks have ruled the oceans for more than 400 million years, evolving into the nearly 500 species known today. Now, however, overfishing and the extremely cruel shark fin trade are seriously depleting shark populations worldwide. Learn how you can be an advocate for sharks. Also available in Chinese.

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