Position Announcement: Laboratory Animal Advisor

The Animal Welfare Institute is accepting applications for the full time position of laboratory animal advisor.

Requisites for the position include a genuine reverence for living creatures; the facility to express compassion for animals kept in research laboratories and educational institutions; not to be categorically against research with animals; and not to be categorically in favor of research with animals.

Additionally, candidates must have several years of experience with traditional and refined housing and handling practices of at least one nonhuman primate species and at least one non-primate species commonly found in research laboratories.

Respondents must be familiar with the professional and scientific literature pertaining to the housing and handling of animals assigned to research and teaching projects, and have published several professional or scientific articles (a copy of one article must accompany the application). He/she must publish articles on species-adequate housing and stress-mitigating handling of animal species commonly found in laboratories.

The laboratory animal advisor may visit animal research facilities and provide advice on species-adequate housing and stress-mitigating handling of animal species typically found in laboratories. The candidate must also be comfortable representing the Animal Welfare Institute at professional and scientific meetings.

At three-month intervals, two annotated databases on Environmental Enrichment and Refinement for Animals in Research Institutions shall be managed and updated. Comments shall also be written on federal draft regulations and professional draft guidelines on housing and handling of animals kept in research laboratories.

No specific academic or professional diplomas are required to apply for this position, and candidates may specify salary expectation.

A cover letter, resume, and above-referenced supporting material (an original and two copies of each) should be mailed by May 1 to:

Cathy Liss, President
Animal Welfare Institute
900 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20003

The position will be available on Sept. 1.

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