The Magic of Touch: Healing Effects of Animal Touch and Animal Presence

By Annie and Viktor Reinhardt
Animal Welfare Institute
ISBN: 978-0-938414-89-6
83 pages; One copy free to research institutions and health professionals; All Others: $7

While implications of touch in interpersonal relationships among animals and humans has been debated for decades, Annie and Viktor Reinhardt’s assiduous research into the subject makes a provocative, yet thoughtful case for its value in The Magic of Touch.

With four decades of combined work in ethological research and information gathering, and numerous books on improving lives for animals in research, the authors temper results of hard scientific data with personal wild and captive animal experience. The result of their findings, which includes contact among and between non-human animal species and humans, is a primer for improving mental and physical health and healing, and a strategy for mediation and harmony in the 21st century. "Social animals," they maintain, "which include humans, are biologically adapted to transmit life-affirming energy to other individuals through touch and their mere presence."

In addition to scientific and personal observations, the Reinhardts substantiate their findings with photographs that document The Magic of Touch in its infinite variety. If there is any question about the sentience and interconnectedness of species, and their collective ability to transcend challenges through touch, this book has the answer, inspiring readers to practice and profit from The Magic of Touch in their own lives.

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