AWI's Educational Brochures

While the lucrative and illicit bushmeat trade in Africa, South America and Asia - the sale of wild animal meat - continues to explode across borders, including into the U.S., the effect on species survival and the world’s ecosystem mounts each year. Our "Bushmeat" brochure describes the intricacies, impact and repercussions of the bushmeat trade, including serious declines in wild mammal populations and the health risks to human facilitators that include Ebola, yellow fever and HIV.

AWI’s "Humane Education" brochure provides an alternative to harming animals in the classroom - animals slated for "educational" purposes such as dissection and anatomy lessons. While only a handful of states currently have dissection choice laws in effect, most schools will accommodate students who request another option. Our brochure explains what some of these options are. Also included are details on how animals are prepared and sold by the biological supply industry.

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