Winter 2008

Winter 2008 AWI Quarterly Cover - Cover photo by Skip Huntress
About the Cover

Poncho, an Aussie-Heeler mix, was rescued from his original owner at the age of 2. As a puppy, he was beaten and kept in a tiny crate because he was not interested in herding. However, after his rescue by Darryl Armstrong of Salt Lake City, Utah, he became the perfect therapy dog. Poncho comforted and entertained clients of all ages for 12 years, visiting the Utah Cancer Specialists facility and playing Frisbee outside its picture window so patients could watch him while receiving their chemo infusions. In his spare time , Poncho won "Best Tricks" at Salt Lake's annual Strut Your Mutt event five years in a row, until he "retired" to give other dogs a chance for the title. The joy spread by animals like Poncho has a powerful effect on humans. They can also help children learn to read. See "Animal Teachings" on pages 4-7 for one teacher's experiences with Reading Education Assistance Dogs, a program of Intermountain Therapy Animals.

Cover photo by Skip Huntress

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