Summer 2008

Summer 2008 AWi Quarterly Cover - Photo by Tanja Askani
About the Cover

Like a real life version of Disney’s Bambi and Thumper, this deer and rabbit pair was formed while the orphaned fawn—given the name Finchen—was being raised by his rescuers in a small town in Germany. The wild rabbit began grazing in the garden at the edge of the village where Finchen resided, and the two quickly became friends. Instead of burrowing when winter came, the rabbit even built a nest near the deer, and the duo stayed close together to keep each other warm and safe. Eventually, Finchen grew into an adult and was taken to a park to be released into the wild, but the townspeople who cared for the animals will never forget the sight of their special friendship. To learn more about interspecies bonding, see story, pages 4-7.

Photo by Tanja Askani