AWI's Updated Educational Brochures

Available free of cost for educational purposes, new pamphlets from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) detail some of our most important programs. Our farm animal brochure describes the inhumane treatment experienced by animals confined in industrial facilities, from hens who are debeaked and caged to pigs who are forced to live in their own filth inside tiny metal crates. "Whales & Dolphins" explains threats to the International Whaling Commission's ban on commercial whaling, as well as anthropogenic threats to these species. The new shark brochure, released in light of our campaign to stop US restaurants from serving sharkfin soup, explains the cruelty inherent to this "delicacy." As we fight to end the use of steel jaw leghold traps, our trapping brochure details the problems with the brutal and indiscriminate device. Our updated free trade brochure discusses how animals are negatively impacted by certain provisions of trade agreements. To request copies, please contact AWI.

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