Spring 2008

Spring 2008 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo by Theo Allofs/Minden Pictures
About the Cover

Asian elephants such as this 4-week-old calf in India are endangered, with a population of only approximately 30,000 remaining in the wild. Humans exploit the intelligent and gentle animals because they can be trained. In their native South and Southeast Asia, tamed elephants are used by the forestry industry to carry timber, and by the tourist industry to carry people in trekking camps, as well as other unnatural tasks. The inhabitants of Thailand's Elephant Nature Park spent the majority of their lives being forced to work by humans, but they have fortunately been rescued and relocated to a sanctuary where they can live the rest of their lives in peace. To learn more, please see "An Elephant Heaven on Earth."

Photo by Theo Allofs/Minden Pictures

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