AWI Seeks Applicants for the 2007 Christine Stevens Wildlife Award

Maureen Murray releases a red-tailed hawk, the subject of a study funded by a 2006 Christine Stevens Wildlife Award.Looking for Humane Solutions

In honor of Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) founder and longtime wildlife advocate Mrs. Christine Stevens, a grant program was established in 2006 to support research on innovative techniques and products intended to advance non-lethal wildlife management practices. AWI received 17 applications, and five $10,000 grants were awarded for diverse research projects on chemical toxicants and birds, guard dogs for livestock, a humane device for protecting cattle from wolves, non-invasive white-tailed deer sampling techniques, and the assessment of a non-lethal predator control model.

Mrs. Stevens was ahead of her time from the earliest days of AWI's founding. In addition to supporting the development of new products and techniques, she devoted half a century to campaigning for humane wildlife control measures, such as banning steel-jaw leghold traps and poisonous baits, and using birth control vaccines as a way to control overpopulation.

Our Second Year

AWI continues Mrs. Stevens' legacy through this award and is now accepting applications for 2007. We hope to fund a wide variety of studies that may shed light on ways to resolve conflicts between species, determine the effectiveness of a new wildlife management tool, or test new methodologies for humane wildlife research. We give warm thanks to the Josephine S. Fox Foundation for its assistance in establishing this program and its commitment to supporting one of the grants each year.

How to Apply

Applications must be received by May 31, 2007. Only studies conducted in North America are eligible. For instructions on how to apply, please visit
or contact
D.J. Schubert
AWI Wildlife Biologist
(609) 334-1378

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