Winter 2007

Winter 2007 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo by Diane Halverson
About the Cover

Young Jersey cattle graze on lush pastures at the Cates Family Farm in Wisconsin (photo by Diane Halverson). At this Animal Welfare Approved farm, Kim and Dick Cates buy male calves from local dairy farmers and raise them for beef. The Cates’ dedication to family farming and sustainable land and forest management is wellknown. Considering the welfare of their calves, who would have otherwise been sent to auction houses or intensive veal operations, is a natural part of their overall commitment to caring for the earth and its inhabitants.

The Animal Welfare Approved husbandry standards for all species, including cattle raised for beef, mandate the provision of an environment, housing and diet that is designed to allow animals to behave naturally. Each animal must be able to perform behaviors that promote their physiological and psychological health and well-being (see story pages 4-7).

Photo by Diane Halverson