Tyger! Tyger!

by Elizabeth Stanley

Enchanted Lion Books, 2007

ISBN: 1592700683

32 pages,$16.95

In a story based on a real-life animal sanctuary located just outside of Bangkok, Thailand, author Elizabeth Stanley tells the tale of Buddhist monks who care for Indo-Chinese tigers. These animals are one of the world’s most endangered species; it is estimated that fewer than 250 remain in Thailand, due to poaching and habitat loss caused bydeforestation.

The inspirational tale of monks living in harmony with the majestic tigers reveals the power of the human/animal bond. When the tigers become threatened by illegal hunting, a young monk is compelled to take in two cubs and protect them from harm. Soon there are as many tigers as monks at the monastery, and the young monk has a dream to build a peaceful sanctuary that the animals can truly call home. Both children and adults will be moved by this beautifully illustrated fable.

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