Protecting Wildlife at any Cost

On June 4, the Animal Welfare Institute selected eight outstanding honorees (listed below) to receive its Clark R. Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Awards. The prestigious award is given to those who engage in exemplary law enforcement actions to protect species of wildlife listed in the Appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). It is named after the late chief of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Division of Law Enforcement—a trailblazer who pioneered highly effective undercover investigations and "sting" operations. At this year’s Conference of the Parties, certificates of appreciation were personally presented to recipients or their representatives by CITES Secretariat Willem Wijnstekers.

Mr. Paul Cerniglia, US Fish and Wildlife Service Supervisory Wildlife Inspector

Mr. Yvan Lafleur, Canadian Wildlife Service (retired)

Mr. Emmanuel Muyengi, United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Wildlife Division Officer (awarded posthumously)

Mr. Paulin Ngobobo, Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature
Chief Warden

Mr. Samson Parsimei Ole Sisina, Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger/Driver (awarded posthumously)

Mr. John T. Webb, US Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division Attorney

Last Great Ape Organization, Cameroon, Africa

Rajasthan Police Department, India

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