Summer 2007

Summer 2007 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo by John Hyde
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The majestic humpback, shown breaching in Alaskan waters (), is one of many whale species whose protections were at stake at this year’s International Whaling Commission meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. Greenland’s Native population sought permission to kill humpbacks for subsistence purposes, and fortunately, the request was denied on the final day of the meeting. However, the country did receive approval to kill additional minke whales and to add bowhead whales to its list of targets.

Despite over two decades of a ban on commercial whaling, many whale species have not yet recovered from the dramatic losses that resulted from brutal hunts of the past. Aboriginal populations and pro-whaling countries have been able to sidestep the moratorium, further hindering the animals’ recovery. The Animal Welfare Institute is pressing the US government to stand by its conservation-minded position on behalf of the whales, and to not make compromises.

Photo by John Hyde

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