The Christine Stevens Wildlife Award

We are pleased to announce a new grant program named in honor of Christine Stevens, the Animal Welfare Institute's founder and a dedicated defender of wildlife. For more than half a century, Mrs. Stevens relentlessly campaigned to ban the use of leghold traps and poisonous baits. She knew that these and other typical methods of management were cruel, unproductive and no longer acceptable to a growing public concerned with the welfare of all animals.

Ahead of her time, Mrs. Stevens was among the first to advocate the use of birth control vaccines for wild horses, skunks and elephants. She supported wildlife management programs that were "win-win" situations—for example, highway underpasses that enable wildlife to safely use their habitat, beaver bafflers that prevent beaver dams from causing flooding, or perching platforms that protect raptors from electrocution.

The Christine Stevens Wildlife Award aims to advance research in the often-overlooked area of non-lethal wildlife management. We hope Mrs. Stevens' determination to find humane and effective solutions will inspire a new generation of wildlife biologists. Each award will be $10,000.

For instructions on how to apply, please contact D.J. Schubert at dj(at) or (609) 334-1378. Open to North American residents only. Application deadline for 2008 to be announced soon.

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