Brought to you by the Society for Animal Protective Legislation

Growing public concern about the way animals are treated in agriculture, laboratories, the pet trade, the entertainment industry and the wild has led to a rise in proposed animal welfare legislation. As a result, the Society for Animal Protective Legislation created a valuable internet called the Compassion Index (CI). This new website, found online at, provides information on how Members of the US Congress promote or hamper animal welfare through their actions on animal protection measures.

The CI is an electronic tally system that scores every Member of Congress based on his or her involvement on certain animal welfare-related federal legislative measures. One unique aspect is that the scorecard is updated weekly to ensure Members of Congress are always held accountable for their legislative actions in support of, or in opposition to, issues involving animal welfare.

Another function of the CI is to spotlight legislators who have demonstrated leadership through their actions on behalf of animals. We hope that the CI, in addition to serving as an educational tool for learning more about legislators' views on federal legislative animal protection measures, will encourage Congress to do more for all animals.

Click the "Take Action Now" box on to write your own e-letter to legislators who are currently involved (or should be involved) in animal welfare legislation.

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