Fall 2006

Fall 2006 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo donated by Bob Langrish
About the Cover

Wild horses are often maligned for being a nuisance or destructive to the lands they graze. And following changes made by Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) to the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act two years ago, they may be rounded up for slaughter. Wild horses 10-years-of-age and older or not adopted after three tries are sent to auction, where they will likely fall into the hands of a slaughterhouse “killer-buyer.”

However, these magnificent creatures are actually a vital part of many ecosystems in the United States and abroad. The wild horse, a reintroduced native species, maintain lands by keeping vegetation in check. Without the animals’ presence, many areas would become impenetrable and overgrown. Accomplished horse photographer Bob Langrish generously donated this cover image for the Fall 2006 AWI Quarterly. Passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act is needed to make sure our horses, both wild and domestic, are protected. (see stories pages 4-5).

Photo donated by Bob Langrish